30 September 2015

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Just under a year ago, I watched the first Maze Runner, and it led me to go on a self imposed hiatus. Because dear me was it a below average film.
So, of course as soon as the second one came out I rushed to watch it.
And was just as quickly disappointed with it.

We meet Thomas again, who is not out of the maze but life is not through punishing him just yet. He and his merry band of survivors are now under protection from WCKD and are 'safe'. They meet several other survivors of other mazes in this new facility, which tends to resemble a fancy Norwegian prison. 
But they have showers and macbooks, so it's okay. 

 After this, what happens, I think other than the director and the only the author would be explain to me because I watched it like,

Dazed and Confused, anyone?

More so than anything, this movie left me with so many more questions. I was assured that in this sequel the questions I had from the first one would be explained. Did they do that? I'm sure they tried. But it wasn't very successful.

People die, paltry conversations with hidden meanings take place and severe teenage love issues exist. I am, to this day not entirely sure what exactly is the relationship between Thomas and Teresa. Are they old friends? Lovers? Siblings? I need some DTR, now.
Also, there are so many people who are all allying and just as quickly betraying sides, it is extremely hard to keep track of. 
All I got was that there is The Flare which zombifies humans making them into Cranks. These Cranks can only be saved by blood from an Immune, which I believe is Thomas. This Immune can only be born and not manufactured. 
And there is the fight with WCKD, but I am not sure why the fight is there. Or why they were put in the Maze to begin with. And how none of the authority figures have realised that reverse psychology works really well with Thomas. 
"You'll never survive in the Scorch."
"Guys, we need to go into the Scorch."
Common people, Thomas is being far too textbook. 
And then we have Newt. Why was he there? I am not too sure. He said an overall of 5 words and most of those was said in a thick, heavily mumbled British accent. 
If he isn't playing a kid in love with a classmate then I find that I just cannot bring myself to care for him. 
The animation is outstanding and really looks real. The direction was a good attempt and now could you please just not make another movie? Because I feel like I can't bring myself to watch yet another one of these. 

The Good: It's run time isn't that long. If you are like me and watch it in fast forward. 
The Bad: There is almost definitely going to be a third movie. 
Run Minho! Away from the filming of the third movie.

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