26 September 2015

#ScoreSaturday: True Blood

Last year we saw the last season of True Blood. Don't you dare go lying like that to me! You not only watched it, but cried like the "Leave Britney Alone" guy when Bill finally died. And Sookie walked away crying from his grave.

I was never really a fan, of the books or the series. 
Even though it was well made, the characters so creatively and uniquely created and good god, they set out with a solid premise of needing to test people's faith in religion. Which is all up in my jam. Nevertheless, it somehow was never really a part of my weekly viewing diet. Something perhaps to do with the fact that they just mumbled everything! Or the fact that when I hear Sookie, I think Melissa McCarthy from Gilmore Girls and not Anna Paquin.
Who knows?

I did, however, in the light of a fair trial watch almost all of the first season. Which was all about Sookie and Bill meeting and loving one another. And the fact that those two are now married in real life makes me believe that if I was to ever act in a movie with Hugh Jackman he would have no option other than to marry me. And we'd live happily ever after. *Sigh*
Anywho, we watch them be all cute and what cute scene would be complete without the perfect piece of music?
Nathan Barr comes to mind, when discussing this! And boy this piece, with it classical instruments, dark intonations and the goosebumps that inevitably follow it, is far too short for my taste.
All those in favour of asking Nathan Barr to release an extended version of Hairclip, say aye!

While I may not worship at the altar of True Blood, this scene is by far one of my faves. Plus, its a dialogue that I have used upon occasion. 

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