15 September 2015

The Deal With: Steve Jobs trailer

Jobs was a film that came out a few years ago and seriously scarred everyone. Now not only have I seriously lost faith in Ashton Kutcher, despite how similar he looked to Jobs himself, but I am extremely cautious of the new film too.
Having said that of course, I watched the trailer. Several times. Not to pay attention to the trailer itself, but for the silent sound of the background music.
Not really silent, but you know what I mean.
I heard the first few thumps in the trailer, and it sounded alarmingly familiar. So I watched again. And still couldn't put my finger on it.
And then, in a brainwave at 3 in the morning, while I was sound asleep, but my poor ADHD addled brain was in hyper drive. And finally I knew what the song was.

I first heard the guys from 2Cellos perform in Glee. I know what you are thinking, how can I give any sort of credit to anything from Glee? But believe me, they were incredible. They were the stars of the Michel Jackson episode where Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin sing 'Smooth Criminal'. 

The guys from 2Cellos are hilarious, please watch their interviews. They are supremely talented and dear god, am I in awe of them. I have always maintained that I love cellists, and they are not free from my love. 
Their Thunderstruck video is fantastic, but their cover of 'Wake Me Up' has the best video which warms up the cockles of my heart every damn time. 

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