2 September 2015

The Deal With: Wildest Dreams

If it hasn't become glaringly obvious yet, I live on the internet. I am like a creature that emerged from the depths of the ocean and is attempting very hard to fit in with humans, so it spends all it's time gaining information on pop cultural references. I'll let you know when I become successful at it.

So, Taylor Swift came out with a new song, along with an incredibly talked about music video.
Now personally, when Tay-tay took her slight foray away from lovey-dovey songs, I did say the words, "She needs to break up with someone. Fast."
While my words had little to no effect, at least Taylor went back to what she does well. Write songs that make sense when you are in love.
Though, given the choice, I might have to pick Megan Davies's version of Bad Blood over Taylor's.

For people who know me, they also know that I am pretty ambivalent when it comes to Taylor. Both Swift and Lautner. Well, that's a lie. Lautner doesn't even come up on my radar. 
So, it might be a shock to some people when I decide to become Tay-tay's champion. 

Wildest Dreams has been under a bit of fire ever since it's release. Among some of the fire it is receiving, is claims of racism.
Along with that, some people have taken quite actively to say things like, "Taylor has a platform and should be doing good with it, instead of making out with pretty boys on screen".
While that sounds like something I might say, this happens to be quoted from another blogger.
First of, some of the complaints seem to be that while she went to Africa to film a music video, she only has famous white people in the video in question.
If you are one of those people who are living under a rock and haven't seen the video, it is a love story between two actors set in the 1930's-40's.
And while the 40's weren't the hay-day of colonization, it was still smack dab in the middle of it. And what was the one thing that we learnt happened in colonial times? Non-white people were only to be seen and not heard and also, not seen.
So, don't hate on Taylor for sticking to historical accuracy in her video. I wasn't alive during the colonial times (Thank goodness for that) but I have read enough about it. Yay, for the Indian Education System!
And if instead of Scott Eastwood if she fell in love with Idris Elba, would that soothe the rustled feathers? *It would deny you Scott Eastwood screen time.
And as for the selfishness in working towards her career thing. Well, for one thing, it's called ambition. She's a person in her twenties attempting to make a name for herself.
Speaking as a person in her twenties attempting to make a name for herself, I commend her success at it.
Think of it this way, if someone gave you the opportunity to film all of the SFW fantasies that you have, would you say no? Because I sure wouldn't.
One of mine would definitely be set in colonial times, where I was an Indian slave girl and Hugh Jackman was a duke who falls in love with me and all of my charming exoticness, but societal issues keep us apart. Someone needs to make this into a movie, now.
And that's what Taylor has done. Take a look at all of her videos and you'll recognize that. She's even done the whole, "Best friends who secretly love each other voice their feelings" and threw in the "Jock chooses nerd over cheerleader" which, as anyone who was raised in the 90's secretly wants. Along with wanting to fall in love with someone you have to write an article about for work. How to lose a guy in 10 days and Never been kissed come to mind.
Also, the ever popular, love after some sort of dare/bet is placed: She's all that, She's the man, Whatever it takes.
So, that's what she is doing. Fulfilling her Wildest Dreams. Good god, am I clever for thinking that up.
And as for the whole doing good in the world thing? Come on, she's 25. Not everyone is Oprah, for crying out loud.
And we can all admit that she is far less despicable than a certain reprobate musician who's name starts with a J and ends with an Ustin Bieber.
Let her get her romanticized notions out of her system and by the time she gets to her 40's we can scold her for her lack of do-goodness.

For now, lets just keep watching her music videos, and pray for the day Scott Eastwood lets me absorb some of his beauty.

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