14 October 2015


As mature and grown up as I am, I have a rather co-dependent relationship with my sister. Who is actually my cousin, but that is just semantics.

So when they made a tv show about a pair of siblings with similar dependency issues, well how could I not watch it?

Casual follows the life of recently divorced lady, who is also mother to a teenaged girl and sister to a stunningly beautiful man.
The man meanwhile, is a website developer and just overall not capable of being an adult without his sister.
The show is not exactly comedy, but does have snarky comments that fly in mumbled conversation and if you are lucky enough to hear it, then you do get a bit of a laugh.
The co-dependency is not something that a lot of people could relate to and hence, I'm not entirely sure if the show is going long term or not.

The filming is paltry and the acting gives credit to that.
I have only watched two episodes of the show and I'm definitely sure that I will not be tuning in again.

The Good: The lady plays a therapist and seemingly specialises in people's weird dreams. Did not know that was a thing.
The Bad: WHY must no one enunciate?

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