22 October 2015

Dr. Ken

I love Ken Jeong. I can't tell if it's because he is sassy, or if it's because he is sassy, or maybe because he is really sassy.
Either ways, if I was ever stranded on an island, I would take him along, because at least there would be laughs.

Remember the Wayans brothers? Remember how they made a tv show called 'My Wife and Kids'?
Well, now you have exactly the same things but with Asian actors. Wave goodbye to original thought!
While I do abhor the idea of repetition of ideas like these, Ken Jeong makes it worth it. The show is side splittingly hilarious with most of the comedy coming from Ken himself.
And speaking of My Wife and Kids, the Wife in question is also in Dr. Ken. As a nurse.
Talk about a small world.
Dr. Ken has less than a handful of episodes and you better believe that I have seen every single one of them. More than once. It's that funny!
It isn't filmed all that spectacularly and I am slightly convinced that there is an actual studio audience around.
It has those half open sets, which is very 90's of them, but to be fair, Ken is setting up the show to be his life way back when he was doctor before he became my Hollywood Best Friend. Or spirit animal. I like that sound of that better.
He has no bedside manners in this show, which just means that he be flat out rude, son!
I apologize for my lame attempt at being ghetto.
But please, please, please do watch the show because I can assure you that it is worth it.

The Good: Ken Jeong. *Mic Drop*
The Bad: Slightly cringe worthy comedy. Every now and then.

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