13 October 2015

Life In Pieces

Look guys, it's a PG-13 and not-really-as-funny version of Modern Family!
But like, seriously though, they even have a family with two daughters and a son. Hello, original thought?

The show comprises of an old, sweet couple who do truly love each other and well, isn't that just the cutest?

They are parents to three kids. And grandparents to four and counting.

The show is usually divided into 4 sections which is why the subtitle of the show is 'One big family. 4 short stories'.
Which is definitely a new concept. Never been told before.
It is show that follows this big family as they go through the trials and tribulations in life. Now, hmm, I wonder why that sounds familiar.
Yes, you raising your hand in the audience? You think it sounds almost exactly like Modern Family? Now, don't be saying such crazy things out loud, you silly!
The show is filmed in a rather typical single camera fashion, and the direction is rather ordinary. I had no idea what the show was about before I watched and in fact, I am still not very sure what the show is about. Because see, in the end it's not like they give some great moral to live by. And in all honesty, it really isn't that funny. But that could be thanks to the sub-par acting and not you know, the writers fault.

There are some moments that can make you chuckle, but let's be honest, we are all looking for more that just a chuckle.
There have been 4 episodes so far and I am not impressed.
Will I watch more? No.
Should you watch it? Not really. Unless there really isn't anything else on and you really need to watch something on telly.

The Good: Colin Hanks is looking more and more like his father every single day. And we could always use two of them in our lives.
The Bad: Come on, people! Let's make some use of creativity and not just rip off an already existing show.

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