3 October 2015

#ScoreSaturday: Castle

On Monday, I wrote about iZombie and hollered at Castle.

And then I began thinking about Castle and how much I love Nathan Fillion.
Amen to that, sister. 
And just how much I love the entire premise of Castle. 
I mean, a crime-mystery writer becomes a buddy to NYPD detective to further fuel his imagination?
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Other than the wonderful acting, super clever dialogues and fantastic collection of red heads, Castle has an incredible soundtrack. 
While they tend to usually stick to songs that are already in pop-culture, every now and then there is this original piece created that awes and amazes. 
I may have mentioned my deep affinity for classical music. And this one is no stranger to it. 
I think I do tend to hold it in slightly higher esteem than most just because this was the song that played when Castle and Beckett FINALLY got together. And isn't that something we had all been waiting for, for over 4 years?
I cried. With joy. Mostly. 
This is a fantastically created piece of music titled 'I just Want You' that I covet and can you join that club too please?

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