17 October 2015

#ScoreSaturday: Madagascar

I know what you are thinking, I am going to post a link to 'I like to move it, move it.'.
But shockingly enough, I am not.

While Madagascar is spectacular and so much funny, like dear me.
And the spin-off Penguins was just as funny. Which is practically unheard of. And I feel a certain kinship with Kowalski.
And yes, I am aware that it is a children's movie. But let's be honest, I am just a slightly taller child.
And hence, me loving the trilogy is totally justified.

This week, since the trilogy is as good as it is, there TWO pieces of score to talk about. Talk about a great deal, huh?
In the second movie, one of my favorite scenes is where Alex a.k.a Alkay is dancing and his father realises that his son is a great king after all. And joins in the dance. My heart could melt.

And the song that plays in the background is an original song created by the fantastic Will.I.Am.
Called the Travelling Song, it is undoubtedly great! *Roar*

I have repeatedly talked about how much I j'adore Hans Zimmer. Like, cannot get enough of him.
In the third movie, when Alex falls off the trapeze and in love with Gia, the song with the slight Italian lilt is beyond anything that Hans has ever created.
Notice, how I call him Hans? That's because we are such good friends in my imagination.

It is so very beautiful and when/if I get married, if that song is not in my playlist, you have total permission to smack me. 

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