13 October 2015

Scream Queens

Dear god. I am very, honestly not sure how to feel about this show.
At all.

Say hi to Chanel everybody! A vapid, narcissistic girl who I am very sure I would have been best friends with. Chanel #6, anyone?

She is the president of like, the bestest and the most like, fabulous sorority on campus. She has minions who are called Chanel number 2, 3 and 5. Or you know, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande and one more girl.

If I was ever a despotic ruler, I would certainly make sure that no one else could share a name with me.
Anywho, she and her minions rule their teeny tiny portion of the world and deal with their super white-girl problems. Like the fact that her pumpkin spice latte is too hot, and that it makes her fat. 'But daddy, I still want it!'
To be fair, Emma Roberts does a bang up job of being a super cray-cray power hungry girl.
We also meet Grace, a girl who is attempting very hard to bring back old fashioned hats and also wants to rush the sorority because she wants to feel closer to her mother. Ahem, dead mother, who is never named or shown. Even in flashbacks.
Grace soon discovers that there is a mystery afoot. A random person in a Red Devil costume is going around heinously killing girls from her dream sorority! Something that only happened 20 years ago.
Gasp!Despite the fact that the entire cast seems to have a rather cavalier attitude to the mass murders in their vicinity, there is also a really useless security guard around that refers to herself in third person.

The show is, odd. And confusing. They seem to be unsure if they want to make fun of the first-world problems of today's generation, or if they actually want to make a horror thriller show.
It is stupidly engaging, and I am sure that I will be watching the rest of the season, if only to see what actually happens.
And the fact that Diego Boneta got employed again, which makes me happy.
The scenes are filmed spectacularly well and do a lot of justice to the theme. The score? Not so much.
The actors are doing what they can with what I can only assume is a script that is being written as the show is being filmed.
But the conversations are stilted, broken and shockingly passionless.

I really am confused about this show. There are some funny scenes which is immediately replaced with extreme blood splatter.

The Good: Jamie Lee Curtis plays a saucy and spectacularly mean woman in the show.
The Bad: Nick Jonas plays a manipulative gay boy and it is just not something he is not good at.

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