11 October 2015


I love Emily Blunt. And I love John Krasinski.

And I promise that when the time comes for it, I will LOVE their child.
Word of advice though, if you have any sort of aversion to gore and gruesome footage you might want to avoid this film. Also, a basic understanding of Spanish might be beneficial.

We meet Kate, an FBI agent who specialises in hostage situations and looking contemplatively frightened. She along with her partner otherwise known as the ONLY black guy in the film (who shockingly, doesn't die) work an assignment where an IED blast leaves two officers dead. Her boss recommends her to Josh Brolin, a CIA and DOJ man who is leading a team. She happily volunteers, eager to make actually change.
And then proceeds to doubt and question herself repeatedly when things aren't explained to her. Speaking as a naturally curious person, if I was in the same position as her, I would have kicked up a fuss as well. Though maybe I would waited for actual answers rather than the bureaucratic nonsense Josh Brolin spouts in his usual mumbled manner. We are also joined by Benicio Del Toro, who we can all admit looks like a Mexican version of Eric Dane and how is that not appealing?
There is a lot of violence, and oh, so many layers. It is intriguing and captivating, though I definitely would have prefered if it moved just a tiny bit faster.
The main agenda is the drug cartels in Mexico and related crimes, which is why there are a LOT of hushed conversations in Spanish.
Now, I grew up watching Dora the Explorer and pretending to be Spanish, so I understood quite a lot of what was being said. My mother on the other hand, who did not seem impressed by both Dora and the Spanish in the film grew quickly bored.
It was beautifully filmed, until of course the point where they filmed completely in night vision which gave me major flashbacks to my teenage years where all I did was watch Paranormal Activity on repeat.
The score was haunting and beautiful. Not something I would ever download for myself, but good nevertheless.
All in all, it isn't a must watch. But rather an artistic thriller that you may watch and enjoy if you have that temperament.

The Good: Such a good twist to the story that I for one, did not see coming.
The Bad: No enunciation. 

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