22 October 2015

You're The Worst

This show is my life. I kid you not.
Other than the fact that the main characters are employed and have people voluntarily dating them.

Meet Gretchen, a rude clinically depressed girl who has to live with an old person name. She meets Jimmy, an obnoxious English accented writer who also has a pretty crappy name.
They hit it off in a rather carnal way. And this carnality eventually leads to each of them to realistically for the first time, have an honest relationship.
The show is hilarious, with well placed witty dialogues that show the life of an average 20-something of today.
Though with more cocaine than I imagine.
Both Gretchen and Jimmy are absolutely terrible people. Funny and rather clever, but terrible. And crude.
They speak their minds, and don't really care what the world thinks of them.
Which is remarkably like me. Much to my mother's chagrin.
And thanks to the fact that they actually have managed to find each other, however fictional they may be, gives me hope that I will not be dying alone.
The show is filmed beautifully, mostly because Jimmy's house is fantastic for an out of work writer in L.A.
There are side characters that are actually well thought out and have separate lives that are intriguing and they don't just play along with the main ones.
The second season of the show is airing as I type and boy, do I love it. I binge watched the entire first season in one night thanks to a reader's request from the Philippines.
Which as a side note, made me feel like quite a god.
But please do watch this show. It even stars a Pitch Perfect background girl and her voice is unbelievable .
More so than Bernadette's from The Big Bang Theory.

The Good: It has given me the ever elusive hope.

The Bad: The hope stems from fictional characters.

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