13 November 2015

The Deal With: Hello

Adele is back and I may or may not have cried. Okay, I cried. Okay, fine, I held my dog and cried.
And I love her new song. Been hearing it on repeat for a solid week. Notice, how I chose the lyric video and not the original one?
 That's because the video sucks wildly. Its long, odd with whats-his-face from 90210 pretending as though he could ever walk away from Adele. And what is up with all the flip phones. Did she film this in the 90's?
No, wait. That's not possible. The dude whose-name-I-cant-be-bothered-to-look-up-because-he-is-irrelevant would have been a baby then.
But then, a new player emerged in the field. A Korean school student recorded a cover of herself singing the song and a friend on the piano in the back and she freaking SLAYS IT!
There are not enough words for me to describe how amazingly she nails it. I am a cover hound, and I have heard several ones which are actually quite good, but this one is so good that. *looks around* is slightly better than the original Adele one. Blasphemy!
I have no idea what her name is and who she is, but I want to steal her vocal chords.

Once Upon A Time

I grew up reading a lot of books. Which I blame for my anti-social problems. And overactive imagination. And for the fact that all my hopes and dreams are pinned on a prince saving me one day.
And now, OUAT is giving root to all my dreams.

We meet Emma Swan, say hi to Emma kids! Psssst, she's a real life princess too. Who would have thunk Hat Wearing Zoey from How I met your Mother is royalty?
She is bonds collector, living the bad-ass life until her life is turned upside down by the arrival of the 9 years old version of the baby she gave birth to and then gave up for adoption.
This kid, Henry is convinced that his little town is based on a fairy tale. Could it be because the town is literally called Storybrooke? Clearly, no one lost too much sleep thinking up that name.
Anyway, Emma like ANY OTHER normal human refuses to believe Henry, who stands firm that Emma will save them all!
She takes him back to Storybrooke and attempts to wash her hands off him again, but instead finds herself sucked into what used to be the dullest town in the history of the world.
Slowly the magic unravels and people begin to remember who they really are, and Emma meets her long lost parents, Snow White and Prince Charming. No kidding, he is Prince Charming. I mean he is called David too, but still.
The story has progressed quite a lot since then, its on its 4th season now. There have been Evil Queens vanquished, a quick buck made over the Frozen craze and even an unlikely friendship between Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty and Mulan.
There are several faitytale characters who crossover and severely in depth background story. I missed a few episodes in the middle and I swear, I had no clue what was going on.
The show has an undoubtedly excellent premise, fairytales in real life? Who is against this idea? It can get a bit draggy. Like Emma got sucked into Sherwood forest and her trying to come home was like an entire season.
Of course, there is reprieve from long story lines. Prominently in the form of, shiver-me-timbers-and-in-other-places, eye liner toting Hook. Who I will marry, hook, line and sinker. *Laughing at my own pun*

Who knew that while he was busy hating the boy that never grew up he was fine as all hell?
The show has great production value, you can almost not tell if its a real wall of ice of not. I am assuming that their CGI team is massive, and their costume department understaffed. I get that most of your time is taken up thinking of evil plots, but change your gown, maybe? It's been like 2 seasons of the same outfit. Sam could be said for the over dramatic makeup artists. You are showing them living in wilderness, what, they go out and forage for MAC's Ravens Bite lipgloss?
The show is undoubtedly gripping and is definitely a must watch if you are someone who grew in size but not in mind.

The Good: Their Rumpelstiltskin is go shockingly good. Like not just the actor, but also also the character.
The Bad: They attempted to do a spin off show called, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland which was based in Carroll's Underland. And it was so terrible that it go cancelled in like 10 episodes. They soldiered on, but the magic just wasn't there.