10 December 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2

The first one was okay but cute. So wouldn't the second one be anything but?

This movie has proven without a doubt that the sequel can actually be better than the original.

Drac and his hotel are blooming ever since he let humans into his hotel and his daughter. And now he is even a grandfather!
Jump forward in time, and Dennis is as adorable as his father but has no fangs! *vampire gasp*
Cut to Drac acting like a very stereotypical old Desi Indian grandfather from the 80's, where you can just imagine him saying, "If he isn't like us, he isn't right."
He along with his ragtag team of monsters, like Frankenstein (inaccurate since Dr. Frankenstein was the creator of the Monster, but okay), The Mummy, The Werewolf and David Spade's Invisible Man, who btw, also pretends for most of the movie to have an invisible girlfriend and it is shockingly hilarious.
Mostly because it really fits in the whole scheme of self-deprecation thing that David has going on. Notice, how I called him David? That's because I can sense that deep inside he really wants to be friends with me.

Drac and his team take Dennis on a self-discovery journey, in order to get him is vampire qualifications.

And also to reclaim some of their lost qualifications.
Meanwhile Andy Samberg is taking his wife into the world of boring humans because for some reason she thinks that humans are safer for Dennis to grow up around.
I mean, I get that you are a vampire who lives in the corner of nowhere but come on, did you not see the carnage in Paris?
Humans ain't safe, babe.
The movie is cute and has a strong message of unconditional love, which is really important for people to remember these days. There is some comedy but that can grow stale fast, so limit your viewings.

The Good: Adam Sandler used his daughters to voice some characters and that is just too cute.
The Bad: It is an animated version of Grown Ups.

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