7 December 2015

Master of None

Aziz Ansari is funny. Ain't no one gonna deny that. Even his weird chipmunk snorting cocaine laugh is funny. Though there it is more like laughing at you, rather than with you.

 Plus he be representing brown funny unattractive people and since that is right up my alley, I had to watch Master of None.

We meet Dev, Dev Shah, which is not a realistic Indian name. No South Indian is called Shah. Come on Aziz, get your shit together.
He is a commercial actor and is rather cutely awkward in his general life. This show is solely created to fight literally ALL of the political correctness issues and increase diversity. There are like two white people on the show. #NeedToPleaseEmAll

A Taiwanese immigrant, a black lesbian, a white gay man are predominantly featured. So he has covered his bases. I am usually fairly suspicious of TV shows that are created by the protagonists, they always tend to go overboard. But Aziz manages to capture his hilarity with more than a touch of self-deprecation.

I'm about 3 episodes in, but to be honest I'm not sure if I'll be watching the rest, not for any other reason but that the story doesn't seem to grip me. Sure there are stories which are literally about nothing like That 70's Show, and Friends and I devour them, but this one is more like if its on in the background, its fine, but I don't think I would go out my way to watch the show. Personal choice and all.

The Good: His parents play his parents in the show and that is the cutest thing.

The Bad: They are called Shoukath and Fatima. Shoukath and fatima do not give birth to a Dev. I am sorry, but no. 

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