8 December 2015


It's official, Bollywood is dead.

This movie was supposed to make or break Ranbir Kapoor, and I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this pretty boy has reached his filmy expiry date.

In all fairness, I do get where Imtiaz Ali is coming from. Social standards of life are getting crazy and a LOT of people in the world are living by the expectation of other people rather than what they actually want to do. And its nice to have a commentary on this sad state of affairs. But must the commentary be this crappy one?

Aamir Khan does a pretty bang up job with his holier-than-thou act where he makes excellent satires on today's society, and he deals with the hate that stems towards him as well. But Imtiaz attempted to shed light and try to please everyone. Let's just say that you can't make a good social film without burning a few bridges and Imtiaz went out of his way to build some extra ones just in case.

Say hola to Ranbir, a man burdened by his fathers expectations of him and is unable to understand why he has to be a certain way to be accepted by society. As a person who has never been on the receiving end of that, and has gone out of her way on several occasion to be non-conformist (look at me, such a rebel) I don't really relate to this, but I can understand it.
He meets Deepika, a very regular and typical Delhi girl travelling in Corsica and they hit it off while pretending to be people unlike themselves. You know what they say, get the girl by NOT being yourself? Good advice Imtiaz.

There are a lot of flashbacks and jump forwards and cut to random scenes. Which makes me realise that whenever they realised that they had a plot hole to fill they just went ahead and filmed a new scene. A lot of scenes which show Ranbirs dad being a regular dad. "If you don't know what you want to do in life then you must do engineering." Of course, let me waste 4 whole years of my life studying for something I will never want to do and have no interest in. #BrownPeopleProblems
The story was the most in-sequential thing ever written and this includes Inception. If you somehow manage to follow what in the world is happening in the movie along with keeping up with the extremely uncreative and clearly stolen dialogues, props to you.
The movie has a very abrupt ending where you aren't entirely sure if it is a happy ending or if it isn't. Adding to that it is never really made clear whether or not Ranbir actually got away from the social pressure or not.

It's a weird movie, lets just leave it at that, which overall works towards achieving nothing. Other than establishing that Ranbir should definitely stick to commercials.
If you want to go and see the film for the sake of watching a film, by all means go ahead. There are pretty people, pretty locations and it won't melt your eyeballs off. If you happen to watch this movie for any other purpose, run. Run as far away as possible and you will be safe. There is a LOT of pandering to the audience, if you are at all shallow you will actually enjoy this film.

The Good: We now know not to trust ANYONE in the film industry.
The Bad: I actually liked Ranbir, don't tell me that even he is going the way of Imran Khan.
The Tamasha: They actually got us to pay money and watch this crap. Hamara Tamasha bana diya. Like that time when Ranbir spent an entire montage dedicated to showing how his life of being a travel journalist was empty and meaningless. For shame, Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani.

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