8 December 2015

The Deal With: Bollywood Ruining My Adult Life

We all love watching bollywood films. No, no, don’t bother denying it. You know you love it. You love watching the heroine first, avoid and then slowly fall for the lovable hero. You love watching the dancing. And you love the drama.

And what you don’t love is how watching Bollywood movies can effectively ruin your life. Here’s how:

  1. There is no Raj coming to save me from my mundane life.
    21 Ways Bollywood Ruined You For Life
    In any movie, he is far better than Regular Guys.
    And even if you did manage to find someone, your expectations were way, WAY high.
    *Crying because a Regular Guy would save his phone before saving me*
  2. Why is it unacceptable for me to start dancing as soon as it starts to rain? That is all me and my childhood know!
    21 Ways Bollywood Ruined You For Life
    Isn’t rain, romance and drenched clothes like a rite of passage for all Bollywood Fans?
  3. Bollywood made me think that it’s more important to dance than to listen to my parents and/or study.
    When Bollywood gave you unrealistic expectations of your curfew.
  4.  It made me think that if I sang a song with a boy, then the next logical step had to be marriage.
    Suraj Hua Madham
  5. The only way I know how to flirt is ‘Bollywood Style’
    reaction bollywood shah rukh khan shahrukh khan srk
  6.  If I didn’t go and overreact to everything by crying in the corner, then I have failed my Bollywood Gods.
    news reactions bollywood mira rajput announcement
  7.  I have been an avid Bollywood watcher for 2 decades. Where is my spontaneous synchronized dance?
  8.  But still, every time I hear my jam I need to shake my tail feathers. Even if I have to do it alone.
    21 Ways Bollywood Ruined You For Life
  9. I have run to a lot of trains and failed to fall in love every single time.
    When running to catch a train doesn't mean you are late. It means a happy ending to your love story.
  10. And finally, when I found out that SRK and Kajol aren’t married to each other and spend their lives dancing together, my belief in love died a little.

When you found put that Kajol and SRK aren't real life lovers and felt physical pain.

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