7 December 2015

The Deal With: Grey's Anatomy

We are about 12 seasons in so you have seriously got to be living under a rock if you haven't heard of the show.

The show does it all, makes you laugh, love, cry and gives you far too many feels.

 I used to be an avid watcher of the show for several years, but then they killed off Patrick Dempsey, and lets just say that struck too close to home for me and I was severely unhappy with that setting. Plus, Yang left and we can all admit that the show lost its sass queen.

Other than that, I have to give massive props to Shonda Rhimes because that woman is who I want to become when I am older. Just you know, a brown version of hers.
A lot of my love for Grey's stems from the absolutely spectacular score. A lot of the songs are fairly mainstream and the hipster in me must immediately reject that.
But she had on occasion and even more so recently used the man that will be singing at my wedding, even if I have to pay him in my blood. Ryan from Sleeping At Last just gives me goosebumps every time he opens his mouth. His originals are filled in my phone's playlist and his covers hog my YouTube playlists.
I listen to him in the shower, while sleeping, while travelling, while crying. If it hasn't sunk in yet, I am a massive cover hound and Sleeping At Last is my lord.

I mean, listen to that and tell me that you survived without goosebumps. Go on, try it. I dare you. 
Another thing that I have noticed about Shonda is that she can't leave good enough alone.

If everyone isn't suffering a great deal then she's missed out. She's the George Martin of TV Shows. Wait, isn't George Martin the George Martin of TV Shows? Whatever, you know what I mean. 
But seriously, if I was Meredith I would definitely have lost the will to live a while ago. I mean, my parents, my sister and the love of my life are all dead and most of them I watched die? While I have also been dead for a bit? Good god, I should just stay in bed for the rest of my life. There isn't enough Zoloft in the world to help with that shit. 

Like what is up with Shonda? Not loved enough as a child? Has a weird psychological thing where she needs to get sympathy all the time? Whatever she has, stay far away, it might be contagious. 

You can add as many pretty boys as you want, but you still devil woman. 
Crys for the rest of my life

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