7 December 2015

The Deal With: Sequels

I am pumped up for 2016. Even if I wasn't it's not like there would be must difference, 2016 is well on it's way whether I am pumped or not. Look, I am so philosophical now. #Maturity

2016 is the year of great films. I mean, look at Suicide Squad. Screw everything else and just wait a minute and look at how incredible Jared Leto is. LOOK AT HIM. But only look, because you know, dibs.

Anyway, 2016 is also the year of sequels. Every movie and its mother is releasing the next instalment to the film series. Maybe it's the official death of creativity or the money minting methods or maybe they are giving into the demands of the people.
There are some sequels that we are excited for and some we are confused about because even the first few were pretty crappy. There are some that are going to fly under the radar because honestly, no one cares anymore. Divergent series, I'm looking at you.

Anywho, here is a fairly comprehensive list of sequels you should get excited for.

  1. Ride Along 2- Me and Ice Cube would undoubtedly be best friends in real life. 
  3. Zoolander 2- I was too late to the first one, on account of how I was child and all. So now, its my time to shine. 
  4. My big Fat Greek Wedding 2- I loved Toula way back when, and I am gong to love it now too. 
  5. Captain America: Civil Wars- 'He's my friend' 'So was I.' 'Nuf said. 
  6. X-men: Apocalypse- I was always convinced that if it existed, I would totally be headed to Xaviers school for extraordinarily talented students. Move aside Rogue, Caramel Drizzle is here. 
  7. The Conjuring 2- LOVED the first one. Watched it multiple times. Slightly in love with Vera Farmiga. Need to watch the next one. 
  8. Now You See Me 2- Like I even need to write why I'm excited for this one. 
  9. Finding Dory- I tear up every single damn time I so much as think of this one. With joy. 
  10. The Purge 3- Okay, this one is more for making me feel better about myself as a person. 
  11. Star Trek Beyond: I am a Trekkie through and through. If anyone gets me anything with 'Trekkies do it in the Final Frontier' you will immediately get promoted to best friend level.
  12. Bridget Jones's Baby- I have grown up with this woman. She has taught me that I may be fat and clumsy and have no filter but even the Colin Firth will love me. Also, I really wanna see this doppelgänger pretend to be Renee Zellwegger. 

I'm sure not all of them will be amazing and some will dissapoint. Some that I haven't mentioned might surprise me. 
But all said and done, where the hell is my Incredibles 2?!

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