8 January 2016

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Now, let's all be honest. I'm a big fan of the Sherlock series. Somehow not of the books. But the movies, and the mini-series? I could watch them on repeat.
I think something about the arrogant, clever and blunt to the point of rudeness character seems to resonate with me. I wonder why.

Say hello to Sherlock and Watson set in the actual time of the books, 19th century. Their life and cases are pretty much exactly the same as they are in the modern day, with the lack of technology and pretty much the same clothes.
Sherlock is approached for a case regarding the ghost of a woman who returns to life to kill her husband. Now I don't know about you, but if I was ever dying and coming back to life, I will certainly not be wasting any of my time on killing people. Probably be scaling the walls to Hugh Jackman's house to tell him how much I adore him.
Sherlock is arguably disinterred in the case, but due to the bothersome Watson he takes it on.
 And pretty much leads us to watch a compressed version of the Woman In Black. Except the woman in question is wearing white. But that is just semantics.

The rather annoying thing that the episode did was jump through time and space and different scenarios in Sherlock's mind palace rapidly and without consequence and often inexplicably and irritatingly without explanations. I am a girl who loves her some closure. And this episode seems to not want to give me that.

A lot of what the show seems to circle around is the fact that Moriarty is back, where we left off in the last season and Sherlock attempting to wrap his mind around it and attempting to make sense of things.
Because understandably, if you see a man die and then find out he has somehow managed to survive and has a vendetta against you, you might have some nightmares too.

But the episode was so unnecessary. No one would be surprised if Sherlock had a breakdown. We don't need an hour and a half of our lives spent in the mind palace of Sherlock which also doesn't answer any questions. For shame.
Also, can we just take a moment and realise that explaining how the dead wife killed her husband hurt my brain.
I am a smart person. Part of Mensa, does trivia questions for fun kind, thinks its important to know how to shock a heart kinda person. And if I found it to be confusing and not in an I-wanna-understand way but more like in an switch-this-off kinda way then, I'm sorry but the producers have failed us all.
They also pissed off a whole lotta feminists.  And it's disappointing on a whole other level.
The filming as always was beyond beautiful, but sadly, the score couldn't keep up. Actually, after the first season I've found the score to be rather lacking.

The Good: Mark Gatiss in a fat suit is adorable. 
The Bad: Please, BBC Wales, ignore everything I've said and take me on as an intern again. I won't even complain about the cold this time round. Maybe.

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  1. well, most of your reviews are full of spoilers. and in this case you have gone on to spoil the woman in black as well. i am no expert of review writing but it would be better if you talk about acting, direction camera work and music. When it comes to the story, instead of summarizing, describe the story. as in, if it was slow, or boring, pointless or too fast for you to understand. that way, people reading your review know what sort of a movie it is, instead of knowing bits and pieces of the stories