10 January 2016


I like the rest of the English speaking, actually even the non-English speaking population, am desperately in love with Tina Fey.
Like that time she came back to SNL and redid her epic Sarah Palin.

Or when she spoke for all of us when she was Liz.

And of course, that moment in time when she decided to make Mean Girls.

Amy Poehler is certainly not far behind. (Maybe just a little behind) With her awesome burns on Weekend Update.

Her optimism as Leslie Knope.

And of course, her in Mean Girls, paving the way for pageant moms everywhere.

So when these two get together I get excited as all hell. Because they are awesome separately but together they must be even better.

Sisters was the answer to our prayers. Amy and Tina plays the titular characters, with Tina playing the older, mess of sister, who is an out of work beautician while attempting to raise her teenage daughter single-handedly. Meanwhile, Amy is the younger, stable and so boring, it hurts my eyes sister. She actually pretty much plays Leslie Knope all over again. Which for Parks and Rec enthusiasts is good news.

The sisters go back to their childhood home to clear out their stuff because their parents are selling their home. They spend a night reading passages from their childhood diaries, where it becomes glaringly obvious that Tina had all the fun while Amy sat at home watching her nails grow. In an attempt to turn things around, the Ellis sisters hold a Ellis Island reunion party, so that Amy can have her night.
 Amy bribes Tina with a loan to start her life in Orlando, in order to let down her hair and not be the party mom. The party is in half swing, when The Lesbians show up and offer to play some tunes. Cut to jokes about Sarah McLaughlin mashups, but lo, and behold, these lesbians know how to party. Cue John Cena strolling in like sex on a stick and holding a suitcase full of drugs.
Party gets notched up a level. Menawhile Tina finds out that her teenage daughter who had been away mysteriously the whole summer is in Orlando and the Ellis parents are planning on handing over half of the houses sale to Tina to further help her. At which point there is like a galleon of paint in the pool and hundreds of people smashing through the place. Tina freaks and tries to shut things down, while Amy tries to get it on with neighbour boy, a first after her divorce two years ago. Which also fails. Tina and Amy have a muddy smack down, while half the house collapses and the pool dies in a sink-hole.

And in a turn that ONE ONE CAN SEE COMING, they both turn things around for themselves. And in the 4 month flash forward you can see them happy in their lives.

The movie, is a rip off of every 80's and 90's party movie and while watching all I could think of was, "Can't Hardly Wait".

There is literally nothing spectacular, or exceptionally hilarious about this movie other than the fact that you can see Tina and Amy swear a whole bunch, which I haven't seen before. But honestly, it was kinda like watching your mum swear. Weird and unnecessary. The story is predictable and while it is cute, it doesn't warrant another watch. It was rather disappointing to watch two people who are as clever and creative as these two flunk out.

The Good: The Dream Team unites for a movie!

The Bad: It hurt to watch them be ordinary.

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