10 January 2016

The Final Girls

If I had to describe the movie in one word, it would be: Fantastic.
In three words: Fan-flipping-tastic.

The movie is described as horror/slasher comedy and dear lord, isn't that a mouthful? Lets just call it a clever movie with a lot of blood splatter.
Say hi to Max, a poor little orphan girl. How could they miss this opportunity to call her Annie, is beyond me. Max was raised by her single mother who is a washed out actress. Hold on a sec, she did do a cheesy and terrible slasher movie in the 80's called Camp Bloodbath. But she has had less success from then on. And in a freak accident she dies, leaving Max to wander the earth alone with her big doe eyes.
Fast forward 3 years, and Max is invited to watch Camp Bloodbath with some friends, on the anniversary of her mothers death. Call me a romantic, but that does seem like a nice way to commemorate the day.
Friends and Max watch the movie, when freak accident number 2 occurs and the theatre curtains are set on fire. Clearly, these cinema halls in the US, are not as certified as India's DT Cinemas, who show the exact style with which you must run out the hall.
Max attempts to be the hero and save everyone, by cutting the screen? Yeah, even I didn't really get that one.
And boom, Max and Friends are in the movie.
Not a lot of people remember the Tobey Maguire and Reese Without-her-spoon's movie Pleasantville. Mostly because it is terrible. And also failed in the box office.
But I absolutely loved the film. It was cute and wonderful to watch 2 teens from the 20th/21st century attempt to fit in and eventually change a city set in the 50's. And The Final Girls echoes the same theme.

Down to a scene where one of the campgirls from the 80's finds it hilarious that an iPhone is an actual phone since it isn't connected to anything.
Max and friends realise that the only way they can get out of this slasher film is to see the credits roll. And follow the story, where bad-ass Paula kills the evil guy. But since people just like to mess with the time space continuum, the teens tell the campers the truth. Well, other than the fact that Max's dead mother is one of the campers.

Cue the Home Alone inspired montage of the teens and campers attempting to trap and kill Evil Guy.Which fails, spectacularly. Mostly because the film is only halfway done and what would the writers with all that time but have the main characters running from Evil Gut in low lighting and forested regions.

The rule of the movie is that if you have sex, you get killed. Which is the best abstinence pledge I have ever seen. So every time someone gets near taking their clothes off or if you can see a girls bra, eerie music plays and Evil Guy arrives with Machete.

Such a stereotype.
Anywho, The movie is cleverly made, unique in its genre and engaging. The dialogues leave a lot to be desired but then again it's a slasher film. We pay for the gore, not the writing. It's breaks the fourth wall in a way that I enjoy. And oh god, it is just so very creative. Please watch the film. I promise you will like it.

The Good: "Gay people only go to discos and have sex with each other. Actually that sounds like a great lifestyle"
The Bad: It doesn't give you closure. Which a girl like me needs. Desperately. 

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