27 January 2016


I genuinely was excited for this movie to come out. Look at it, logically. Amitabh Bachchan might have terrible genes, but he sure as hell is a good actor. And Farhan may finally be coming to his senses and breaking up with his cuckoo wife now, but again, good actor. He must had to be, what when every single time Adhuna asked, "How does my hair look?"

Wazir is about a emotionally questionable police officer, Farhan who in a high speed chase with some goons loses his daughter to the guns. Who knew that Bring your Daughter To Work day could back fire like that?
Because of his insanity, Farhaan's wife leaves him to rot in his own filth and stereotypical emo music videos from back in the day. He meets his dead daughters chess teacher. Don't ask me how, it just kinda happens and we are meant to roll with that. Chess teacher, Amitabh is full of some old vengeance which is uses to push his agenda on poor unsuspecting Farhaan who seems to have lost his family along with you know, general common sense.
Amitabh keeps egging on Farhaan and feeds him some type of cockamaime story about some Neta in some place who is some how responsible for all the bad that has happened in their lives. And not you, just take the blame themselves, since *whispering* it was their fault.

Farhaan laps up the evidence-less story as though it was his only way to sustain himself and decides to exact revenge.
Lets point out yet again at this point that there is ZERO proof that the Neta in question is anything but a slime ball Neta. You know the regular kind you see on TV, who hug foreigners for inappropriate lengths. Sound familiar?
Anywho, while Farhan plans for his mad-man revenge, he is also seemingly stalked by a strange man who calls himself Wazir. He also places a bomb in Farhaans car. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE BECAUSE WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO KILL A GOOD FOR NOTHING POLICEMAN?
Most annoying, indeed.

Anywho, Farhan gets perturbed by the whole being stalked thing and becomes even crazier. If possible.

He is almost through with his pan, when hold up! Amitabh dies? And says something along the lines of the fact that he was the Wazir all along, because he was stalking his buddy to make sure that buddy does go cray-cray?
This movie is weird as all hell. And makes less sense than watching The Manchurian Candidate.
The entire movie is filmed in a blue tint which does nothing more than make you feel as through you are watching the movie wearing a pair of sunglasses. The dialogue is stilted and filled with so many chess related puns. I was never a chess fan, still am not. I appreciate th game and the bit in Harry Potter with the giant Chess is nice and all, but thats my extent. A whole two and a half hours of chess puns? No.

It led me to believe that a bunch of guys came up with a couple of chess puns and figured that the best way to get some appreciation was to make a crappy movie and fill it with the puns.
I'm honestly not really sure what the moral of the story is. Maybe to not take your kid along to a dangerous situation where one might, I dunno, die? Dont marry a man who might do such a silly thing? Always think your friends are stalking you?

I dunno, and I'm fairly sure that the director didn't know either.

The Good: A good duo to work together. Of course you can never trust them again, but still
The Bad: The interviews keep spelling Farhaan/Farhan Akhtar's name in all sorts of ways and I'm giving homage to that.
Lets distract with dance, shall we?

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