9 February 2016


I read this book about 2 years or so ago, because I went through this pretentious phase where I was reading only Pulitzer and Man Booker prize winners. Oh, wait! Sorry, no. Still going through the pretentious phase.

The story is gripping. A girl who got kidnapped and stored in a shed for 7 years has only her 5 year old son to keep her company other than when the kidnapper comes and pays her visit. The new and different part about this was that the entire story is written and told from the perspective of the kid. His entire world and knowledge is the room. The four walls, his mother and the few things that they have. He knows no other way of life. Kind of like the kids in Mama. And then his grand escape and how he has to deal with the world is beautiful. Understanding that there are other people, dogs, trees that exist. The difference between cartoons and tv shows. The sort of we take for granted but this child is seeing and understanding for the first time.

The book starts of quite well, and goes quite good till about 5 mins after the escape, after that it does get a bit draggy and boring. The book does tend to focus heavily on the kid's dependence on the room and the safety he felt there. Ironic. The book version also ends rather closurelessly. So I wasn't blown away. The movie was a different case altogether.
What I don't understand is how the kid hasn't been nominated for the Oscar instead of Brie Larson. Don't get me wrong, she has done a great job as well, especially seeing as the last time I saw her was as Abed's girlfriend in Community. The movie gives you chills. Honestly.
The filming is done spectacularly well, especially seeing as the first half is filmed entirely in a teeny room. And the acting of everyone involved in the movie is so good. Even the dog is so good. Ugly. But good.

Most movies in this kind of vein are only till the escape. The novelty of this flim is how they deal with the aftermath of the escape. The way that life just has to go on. The way that even though that you were repeatedly raped by a crazy man and he is the father of your child, you still have to wake up the next day and watch the new episode of Ellen.

Did this movie blow me away? No, but only because I knew the entire story thanks to the book. My mother on the other hand is still blown away.
Please go watch this one. Sometimes betting on Oscar movies can be a gamble. Like Silver Linings Playbook, do not understand the thing with that.

The Good: The spectacular acting of the kid. Like come on man!
The Bad: A disappointing score that does nothing for the film.

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