9 February 2016

Saala Khadoos

I like R. Madhavan. Honest, I do. He is unappreciated but good. Even if he has to produced his own films to get movies.

I love sports dramas. I love boxing. I feel like my reaction to Southpaw proves that. So me and my violence loving princess hop, skipped and ran along to watch the new boxing film.
And shockingly it wasn't all that bad. Not great either.

Adi is a big man, who yells everything. EVERYTHING. He is an official woman's boxing coach in Delhi, but because the main dude is a tiny egotistical man, he exacts revenge on Adi and sends him to Chennai. Where he meets the star Lux (Laxmi), who does not impress him. Instead her younger sister Madhi, who I spent the entire movie calling Mati, shows some fire. Because she is unruly and also yells EVERYTHING. So of course Adi feels a kinship with her and proceeds to throw money at her and her poor fish monger family until Madhi agrees.

 Cut to montage of her training. She becomes good but not disciplined enough, just yet. She looses a match on purpose and Adi gives up on her.
Cut to montage of her being sad. She apologizes, I think, but comes back to training and is all ready to fight in the national selections.
Meanwhile Lux gets jealous of her sister getting all the attention. She hatches a scheme to get rid of the competition.
Cut to montage of Madhi falling in love with Adi, who she calls master throughout, so maybe there is some latent BDSM at play there?

We reach national selection where Madhi confesses her love to Adi who laughs it off. Madhi is undeterred and threatens to lose the match if he doesn't love her. In training Lux accidentally/on purpose sabotages her sister's future by almost breaking her hand. Madhi still fights and looses. Shocker. Adi gets pissed, because he thinks its because of her love for him and tells her to get lost. While Lux wins and gets selected.
Cut to montage of Madhi being heart broken. Creepy Head/Villain who sleeps with the young girls in the promise of success. Which is also something that Lux may have indulged in. Creepy Head invites Madhi to a match in Delhi and makes her fight against a Russian who is in a different weight category. Madhi looses. And then he attempts to make her smile by making her go down on him. Lovely, yes? She hurts in some physical way and he gets his revenge by framing her for some theft of association money. She calls Adi who rescues her.
Cut to montage of re training.

You may sense that there are several patterns of montages in this movie. The storyline while well constructed is very shallowly dealt with.Just touched on the surface. Like it is mentioned but thats the extent of it.
Madhi continues to be in love with Adi but now is all like 'I need ta win, bitches' Which she does. And CreepyHead attempts to claim that it was his doing. She knocks him out and koala bear hugs Adi in the middle of the stadium.
Roll credits.
The movie is cute, funny at times, and a one time watch. There is an inordinate amount of yelling in the movie and like weird three sentence songs. But you can watch the movie once and not hate life.

The Good: Women in bollywood can do more than dance, lip-sync and marry.
The Bad: It just sort of ended. With the Adi and Madhi thing as a loose end.

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