9 March 2016


My uncle has always said that Oscar nominated films can't be trusted. After watching Sweeney Todd I had to agree. But this year, my mind has been irrevocably changed. I mean, Room?! Like seriously? And now, with Spotlight. Be still my overly excited heart.

Say hello to Mark Ruffalo, with whom I have been in love with since he did "Just like Heaven". he did do some damage after walking away from Scarlett in Age of Ultron. There may have been some tears shed there.

Anywho he and Michael Keaton, make up the Spotlight team, the investigative section of The Boston Globe. Which is just the coolest name. I work in a TV channel, as a part of the English News team. Do we have a cool name like that? DO WE?! Other than the 'underpaid workers', I mean. NADA.
Also, sidenote, I realise that this might be the first time you guys may have heard of me being an adult and actually having a job. *giving you a minute to rejoice*

The Spotlight team finds a lead about a a priest sexually abusing children while the Arch Bishop was aware and did nothing about it. After getting in touch with my personal favourite human, Stanley Tucci, Ruffalo eventually realises that the story is spread wider than just that one priest.
The movie is poignant and so very beautifully portrayed. Remember like Erin Brokovich and A Few Good Men? It was like that but just so more resoundingly wonderful.
The movie is based on the true story of The Boston Globe's coverage of the Catholic Chruch covering up acts of child molestation and sexual abuse by members of their clergy, for which they even won a Pulitzer Prize in 2003.

The movie does incredible justice to the story and good lord, I spent half the time covered in goosebumps. There is no point of me dissecting the storyline since apparently they have followed exactly what happened in real life. But the depth and clarity with which they portrayed the sheer struggle that the both the journalists and the sources must have gone through to get the information out there.

There is so much beauty in the dialogues and subtle facial gestures that it makes SENSE.
I just really overall love this movie so damn much. I've already watched it twice, she says embarrassed. And I plan on watching it again. Sometime soon. And honestly, I didn't just like it because I am a journalist and all that malarkey. I loved it for the way they showed the story. The movie showed the story of the people who gave the world the story that changed it forever.

I was far too young and living far too east to have known about any of this while it was going on, but since then I have read enough to understand the importance of this group of people.

The Good: "If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a village to abuse one." ~Chills~
The Bad: If I've said it once, I've said it like 3 more times. SCORE please.
The Great: Buzzfeed has done a video interviewing the actual victims of sexual abuse from the Chruch and it is amazing.

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