9 March 2016


Let's get real for a mo' here. I am brown. I am hella brown. I am 50 shades of brown. I am Brown Sugar, Caramel Drizzle and most days I like it. Mostly because there is legitimately no way to change it. (Mr. Jackson, I am looking at you) Also the knowledge that me and Hugh Jackman would make the cutest mixed race babies keeps me warm at night.
Why am I talking about this you ask? Aside from being a rather proud Brown Girl, it is THE hot topic in Disney's latest Zootopia.\

Say hello to Judy Hopps, bunny who dreams of becoming the first bunny cop in the anthropomorphic and rather inventive world of animals that this film is based in. Her parents and society in general attempt to dissuade her, on account of her being a teeny widdle bunny.
But in a rather early motivational montage we see Judy making it all the way to the top and becoming a cop. But after her assignment of becoming a meter maid, she is disheartened. Enter Nick the fox, who if was real, I would certainly be attracted to. Smooth talking, clever, witty and all around bad boy with a heart of gold. Come on, Disney!

He is a suave con man and he and Judy have a few tussles about before he beings to help her with her case of missing mammals from across Zootopia.
The buddy cop genre is one of my personal favourites, and this one did not disappoint. There was an actual story line which was rather engaging. And also has several twists and turns which I was no expecting. And being the avid movie watcher that I am, I can usually predict stories.
The underlying message THROUGHOUT the movie, is race. Mainly portraying the underbelly of crime and foxes as a general to be the darker races (look at me being politically correct) and the bunnies and the likes, the lighter versions.
The story does lean heavily on the whole predator vs prey line, which one can imagine as black vs white debate.

It even talks about how they live in a civilised manner now, there are still many prejudices that exist. Being a technical 'minority' it resonated quite a bit with me. But then I realised that in no way is Whitey keeping me down, then I got over it.
The animals are typical Disney fashion ie. ADORABLE. I have established time and again, just how much I enjoy animated films and ones with animals usually are the best.
  Mostly because in real action movies the animals always die and me and my heart just cannot bear that pain. Animated on the other hand are just cute and clever. And in the case of Max from Tangled, a big dog.
  Hint: the baby animals are to die for, especially the first tiger that you will see. The dialogues and the characters are cleverly crafted and witty to the point that I was giggling almost all the way through.
Which may not count for a lot since I am an easy laugh, but my sister did laugh too and she can discern between a bad and a good joke.
There are so many puns in this movie, which makes my puntastic soul just so very happy. It is also filled with references from pop culture. Which I am not going to write down here and ruin for you. There is no reason for you to not be watching this movie. Honestly.

I maybe slightly biased on account of the fact that the movie has two wonderful main actors. Ginnifer Goodwin has a history of playing characters that I have related to quite strongly. The girl who falls in love with any guy who shows her attention (He's just not that into You), the girl with the emotional back story (Something Borrowed) and of course, a princess (Once upon a Time). And lets be honest anyone show says that they don't like Jason Bateman is clearly lying and you should severe any relationship you have with that person immediately.

The Good: The mob-boss Mr. Big. "You sell me a rug made of a skunk.....'s butt."
The Bad: The sheer number of Frozen references. We get it Disney, that was a good movie but lets put a hold on it for now shall we. In related news, Petra and Rafael named their twins in Jane the Virgin Elsa and Anna. 

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