Awesome-Tastic Writer

Some quick facts about the writer:

  • Born and raised in India
  • Studied Broadcast Journalism from University of Leeds
  • Obviously Loves Movies
  • Also loves Buzz Lightyear. Yes, she is aware that he is a cartoon character. Haven't you heard, 'Love is blind?'
  • Is convinced that one day she will either become a superhero or immortal. Which ever comes first.
  • Will become friends with you in exchange for some cake. Or brownies. Or cookies. Or chocolate. She really likes sugar.

I always envisaged becoming something in movies/television. It really didn't matter what, as long as I got there in the end.
Writer, director, producer, *cough* actor *cough*, anything really.
And it's not for the fame and money.
Don't get me wrong, they are an awesome advantage, but I want to be able to become one of those people who are involved in creating the type of cinema that I grew watching and loving. 
The type of cinema that touched your heart, made you feel for a character that wasn't even real and made you react to hypothetical situations.
And maybe one day I will.

Until then,  however, I get to use up all of my extra energy and write to you guys what I thought of the most recent productions in television and films.

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding, well, pretty much anything, 
Twitter: @TheZarahKhan